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Jennifer Aniston: Big Feng Shui Tips if you truly want this Love to Last!

jennifer and justin - A Love to Last!

Dear Jen,

this romance with Justin is looking very promising. If you really think he’s The One, follow these Feng Shui Relationship tips and you’ll be marching down the aisle in no time! This goes for all of you single ladies out there too.

You know we’re all rooting for you, ever since that heartbreaking split a few years back; and we’ve all been watching you hop and skip from great catch to fizzled romance. So Jen, it’s time to make some changes that will get you to the altar and keep you basking in true love for years to come. And now that you’re house-hunting, this is the perfect time to take these simple steps toward fulfilling your heart’s desire.

1-      Find a Home with the Master Bedroom in the Relationship Quadrant

Walk up to your new home and open the front door. Stand in the doorway facing in and locate the master bedroom. Is it in the far back right hand corner of the floor plan? If it isn’t, just shut the door and keep looking! This isn’t the home that will ensure many years of lovey-dovey togetherness.

2-      Place your Bed in the Future Quadrant

Once you’ve found the perfect home, with the master bedroom in the Relationship Quadrant, the next step is to perfectly place your bed with the intention for a long and lasting romance. So, stand in the doorway to your bedroom looking in. The center area of the wall opposite the door is where you will find the Future Quadrant. Place your bed in this area and the message you’ll be sending the Universe is that you truly desire a love that lasts a lifetime.

3-      Pick out Two Nightstands

Jen, it seems to me that you like the strong, independent types, so no “matchy-matchy” for you. Pick out two nightstands that are equal in volume but not identical and you’ll be setting the tone for a relationship that enjoys each other’s individualities. And in case I’m mistaken about your taste in partners, just make sure to have two nightstands that match your relationship style. If you want to stop being a lonely single girl, you’ve got to set the intention that you’ve got room for a partner in your life and that you’re willing to share some “drawers” together!

4-      Balance Your Elements

Now this step I highly recommend for Relationship Bliss. You and Justin should get your Element Test results so that you can add decorative images, colors and objects to your bedroom that balance both of you as a couple. He looks like he’s got a lot of Fire Element and you don’t want your bedroom to turn into a bonfire! I actually also recommend this for the rest of your home as well, since the more time you love birds spend nesting together the more chance that your home will affect your bliss.

5-      Make it a Retreat for the Senses

I know you’re both madly in love, but there are just two things you should be doing in your Master Bedroom, and one of them is re-energizing for your hectic, premier hopping, movie filming life on the go. Make sure your bedroom is a space where love and rest are both encouraged in a gender-neutral yet sensually pleasing way with candles, lush fabrics, soft cushions, and lots of pairs to emphasize your desire to be a couple.

6-      Write your WE letters to each other

And Jen, last but not least, the piece de resistance, write your Love – WE – Letters to each other. Let Justin know just what you adore about your life with him and sweetly ask him to do the same for you. Once you’ve got those letters, place them in the top drawer of the nightstand that’s in the back right corner of your bedroom. Just think, you’ll be able to read them to each other on those special nights to come!

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you Jen but follow my tips and I know you’ll be hearing wedding bells in your future. Good luck and Good Feng Shui!

Carolyn T – Feng Shui Matchmaker