Bathrooms: Clean your Chi or Flush your Energetic Flow?

Bathrooms are much more important in Feng Shui terms than we really give them credit for. They can really make or break some of the more important aspects of life – from Wealth to Relationships and everything in between.

How is the Chi in Your Bathroom?

Here are some interesting tidbits about bathrooms that you may not know:

1-      Whatever Quadrant a bathroom occupies can have very detrimental energetic influences on that part of your life. If it’s in a Wealth Quadrant your money may be constantly “going down the drain”. If it’s in a Relationship Quadrant it may mean that there are issues in your Love Life that require “cleansing”.

2-      Bathrooms are best located when they straddle two Quadrants, that way their influence is “broken down” and not in full force.

3-      Just like all other areas of your home, bathrooms should not be left neglected. A cluttered, messy, outdated, “not in good working order” bathroom is a negative energy provider.

4-      Leaky faucets and draining toilets are also very bad Feng Shui. Just as it gets your water bill to skyrocket, so is it an energetic “drain” on your Wealth.

5-      Be careful where the mirror in your bathroom is located. Does it “chop your head off” when you exit the tub? Does it “cut you in half” or “give you a floating head” when you reach for the towel? If the mirror happens to be on your Future wall it will multiply the feeling of not being “whole” or of “not having legs beneath you firmly planted and walking toward your future”.

6-      The colors in a bathroom are also essential for feeling soothed and refreshed. Think in terms of those high end spas with their aqua marine and sage green walls. The Water Element – with blues and blue greens – will help you feel replenished and ready to take on the world.

7-      Fluffy and cozy towels will add more Yin energy and make you feel even more soothed.

8-      Soft area rugs to step on when exiting the shower will add to the Earth Element and feelings of safety.

9-      Flowers and candles can finish balancing the Elements in this very important space.

So you see, bathrooms can both replenish us and get us ready for the day or they can drain us beyond repair. Sounds like a very important and easy choice to me. How about you?


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