“You”nique Feng Shui Element Tips and Recommendations

Did you know that your personality relates directly to the characteristics of the Feng Shui Elements? By answering some very simple and straightforward questions on a Feng Shui Element Test you can determine things like: why certain colors have different effects on you, why the size of your bedroom furniture can affect your energy level when you need to get out of bed in the morning, and even how the shape of your dining room table can affect your family communication at dinner time.

"You"niquely You!

The five Feng Shui Elements: Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and Earth are present in everything around you and even within you as well. Depending upon your particular mix of Elements or even lack of some, you can enhance your spaces and even the clothes you wear in order to achieve better balance and activate your achievement of goals. Your individual Elemental personality can even have an effect on the career you choose. A great example of this was an individual who, when tested, was shown not to have any Fire Element in his outward personality. When asked what he did for a living, his reply was that he taught kindergarten. It’s no wonder, since his lack of Fire meshed perfectly with the excessive Fire his students represented!

Feng Shui Element testing also relates to both sides of your personality: who you are in public and who you are in private. Some people are identical in all areas of their life and they tend to have the same mix of Elements both hidden and expressed. Lastly, Element testing can also reveal whether the Feng Shui Elements that make up your personality are positive or challenged. Just as in nature, an Element has a positive side and a challenged side. Think of Fire. It can be warm and cozy in the fireplace or an inferno and devastating in a forest fire.

Here are some simple explanations of the Feng Shui Elements and how they relate to personality:

  • Water – a positive Water person is easygoing, go with the flow, and nurturing – a challenged Water person is like a tsunami that wipes the slate clean
  • Fire – a positive Fire person is energetic, warm, passionate, and motivated – a challenged Fire person is quick to anger, and burns bridges
  • Wood – a positive Wood person loves change, thrives on learning new things, and is flexible – a challenged Wood person prefers to be uprooted than to bend with the wind
  • Metal – a positive Metal person is analytical, a problem solver, methodical and thoughtful – a challenged Metal person will over analyze a problem and not get to a conclusion
  • Earth – a positive Earth person is solid, grounded and to be trusted – a challenged Earth person can be stubborn, boring or a couch-potato

It should be noted though, that even the challenged traits have a silver lining. A person with a challenged Fire will be the first to jump out of bed at the sign of an intruder, and a challenged Water trait can help us move past difficult situations by removing them from our path.

Each of us has a certain amount of all of the Elements and it will vary as we age and mature, or as we accomplish different goals throughout life. A young 20-year old girl will have a different need for the Fire Element than a 29-year old mother of two toddlers. Because of this, as we go through the different stages of our lives, we change our color choices in clothing and in décor. In doing so we are subconsciously balancing our Feng Shui Elements. With the results of Element Testing we can do this in a conscious manner instead. If we happen to be missing Fire Element but need to go out and pitch our architectural design project, we can wear a pink shirt and seal the deal, just as one of my clients did. We can also change the color of our bedroom walls in order to help us move past the grief over the loss of a loved one, just as my latest client did.

Feng Shui Element testing assists me in making truly individualized recommendations for my clients, as each of us is completely different in our Elemental makeup, especially at any given point in time.  Feng Shui testing can change a “generic prescription” into “just what the doctor ordered” for optimum results!

If you’re curious about your own Feng Shui Element personality email your request to fengshuiarqitect@live.com, or for more specialized Feng Shui bedroom recommendations for a happy and balanced relationship, purchase my book Change Your Sheets Change Your Love Life at http://www.amazon.com/Change-Your-Sheets-Love-Life/dp/1450516025/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1282670686&sr=1-1msn.com


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