Feng Shui the Objects in your Bedroom for a Thriving Relationship

Sweet and cuddly or sweeeet and cuuudly?

When you stand in the doorway to your bedroom what do you see? What’s the first object that catches your attention?  Does your bedroom feel welcoming and cozy? If you’re a woman, does it feel too feminine to welcome a male partner, or vice versa? If you’re in a relationship, does your bedroom feel like you both have an equal partnership within the space? The objects in your bedroom have their own Feng Shui Element and/or historic energy. They can enhance your experience or keep you from the intentions your space should benefit.

What are the two main activities that should be optimized within your master bedroom? It would seem that these are obvious. But so many times we have objects such as: a desk, a television, a tall pile of books, or even boxes or clutter under the bed. Any objects that interfere with revitalizing sleep or life-affirming intimacy should be removed from your bedroom.

Here are some examples of objects that should be removed from your bedroom and what you should use instead:

  • King sized Bed – most of these are supported by a split box spring. When partners sleep on them, they usually end up on opposite sides of the bed due to the ridge that is formed in the middle. Not very good for a cozy relationship! Replace it with a Queen sized bed for more intimacy, and a stable relationship. The Queen bed has a square shape, a symbol for the Earth Element, which brings stability and a feeling of safety.
  •  Stuffed Animals or Pictures of Children – an adult bedroom should be just that, Adult! From the colors used to the textures and fabrics, the entire experience of the bedroom should be in line with the adult intentions for the space. You wouldn’t have a Buzz Lightyear bedspread, right? Keep the kids objects in their room and make yours a sensual experience for you and your partner. Place images of loving couples in your bedroom, and if you have some happy pictures with your mate use them too.
  •  Big Black Plasma TV – when it is turned off, this big black hole on the wall can add lots of Water Element and douse the Fire of passion. When it’s turned on it becomes a distraction to intimacy. Both of these are definite Relationship busters! There are many ways to deal with this dilemma. The first would be to remove it entirely from the bedroom, and replace it with a beautiful image on the wall; one that keeps you dreaming of your future together. If removal is not an option, then place it inside an armoire, so that you can shut it away when not in use. Or as a last resort, drape a throw over it at night before going to sleep, or have a screen saver with a beautiful scene on display.
  • Dried flowers or dusty silk plants – a master bedroom should be a place that symbolizes two persons thriving together (even if only one person occupies the space and just desires a loving relationship).  Dead and dusty plants are the absolute opposite of that intention. Replace them with romantic candles, live plants like an orchid, or lovingly dust off the existing silk plants. A happy relationship is formed by two persons growing together, so make sure the objects in your bedroom reflect who you really intend to be.

These are just a few of the actions you can take to create a bedroom that is really in tune with good Feng Shui for a Thriving Relationship. Take a look around your bedroom and make sure it’s in line with your true desires and intentions. That’s the first and most important step to fulfilling your dreams, which is the sole purpose of great Feng Shui.


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