Is Your Bed Speaking the Right Feng Shui Language?

Valentine’s Day 2009 I’m dating a Gemini, and I already know it’s not really going anywhere. So what do I do? I decide to wish myself a Happy Valentine’s Day by making my bed with a set of sumptuous red satin sheets, knowing full well I’ll be the only one sleeping on them tonight. Oh well, just another night on the quest!

After a few nights of slipping and sliding around on those sheets, that I had bought a year earlier while dating the Doctor and had never gotten a chance to use, it hit me: What is wrong with these sheets? (Because, of course, it was the sheets, right?) Why is all this fabric, which should be the destination for passionate encounters, just not feeling quite right? I went to sleep on a Saturday night with the question rolling around in my head, as I rolled around for one last night wondering what the answer might be.

Sunday morning I leapt out of bed. Oh my God! I’m supposed to be this knowledgeable Feng Shui consultant. How is it possible that I didn’t see the connection!

The red satin sheets, one of the purest symbols for the Feng Shui Fire Element, were on a bed that I had placed in what is called the “Community or Ancestors Quadrant”. In plain English, that meant I was sleeping on red satin sheets with my grandparents, my parents, and all of my friends and neighbors. No wonder every single wonderful man I had dated since moving into this house had fizzled into good friend status.

When I originally placed the furniture in my bedroom I had followed every Feng Shui guideline in every book I’d read so far. But just because my bed was technically in the “Self-Empowerment” area of my bedroom − diagonally opposite my entrance door and considered to be the best location in Feng Shui terms − I apparently wasn’t sending out the right message for what I desired most. I truly intended to be in a loving and committed relationship. Mistakenly I thought I had done everything necessary to get there.

I didn’t wait another second. I started moving my furniture around so that my bed was now in the Future Quadrant, with my two nightstands on either side. Suddenly the room seemed different. My energy and intentions felt like they were in perfect alignment for the first time. Finally, my red satin sheets were connected to their true purpose.

This flurry of activity started a chain reaction for me. I thought back to every bedroom I had ever occupied (as an architect by training, it comes naturally). I thought about my sisters and their bedrooms and relationships. Then I called my best friend Donna, who had been going through similar relationship issues and whose bed was in the same exact placement as mine. “Donna, you’ve got to move your bed!” I exclaimed, the minute she picked up the phone.

The following Monday, at a gathering of the Millionth Circle − a women’s empowerment group − a question was asked: “If you could do anything, what would your wildest dream be?” When my turn came, to my amazement I blurted out, “I’m going to write a book called ‘Change Your Sheets, Change Your Love Life’!” All the women giggled, but they also wanted to participate in the surveys and interviews I would conduct in my quest to reveal if my discovery could be just as important to their relationship paths as well.

I could not have imagined that an incredible moment of Feng Shui clarity, on that fateful Sunday morning, would lead me down this wonderful and sinuous path towards confirmation. My book is what resulted from the marriage between self-knowledge and the power of intentional and conscious placement in the spaces we inhabit.

Most magical though is that, four days after I “Changed my Sheets” and moved my bed, I met the man of my dreams.


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