What are your nightstands saying about you?

Nightstands for a Happy Relationship

Romantic bedroom Feng Shui

Choosing the Right Nightstands for a Happy Relationship

Do you know what the nightstands in your bedroom mean in terms of Relationship Feng Shui? In the many Feng Shui books that I’ve read, the standard recommendation is to pick out matching nightstands in order to create balance in the bedroom. In my experience with clients and while writing my bedroom Feng Shui book, I conducted hundreds of surveys and found that this simple approach was not always the best.

Feng Shui meaning

Nightstands on either side of the bed, whether you’re in a committed relationship or just desire a partner, indicate that you’re willing to share control of your space. One partner gets the alarm clock while the other may have the lamp or the cordless phone. The nightstands also anchor the bed in place, like sentinels to safety and grounded emotions. We set intention in motion when we add these important pieces of furniture to our bedroom.

Which are you?

In order to add the correct nightstands for a happy relationship, the most important thing to understand is what is your relationship like, or how would you desire it to be. Are you and your mate equal partners in the relationship? Do you feel that both of you are on the same level in terms of what you bring to your partnership? Or, if you’re currently single, is this the sort of relationship you desire?

My friend and client Carolyn is a widowed mother of two. She let me know that she had been the father and mother to her daughters for a very long time. So, she desired a relationship where she could decidedly bring the feminine aspect and allow her partner to be the strong and supportive male. 


Your choice in nightstands will energetically underscore your individual relationship desires and style. Both nightstands may not be identical, but they should have a similar volume and weight in order to create the balance and happy relationship you desire. And remember, no clutter or stacks of books on your nightstands. The bedroom is the place for re-energizing sleep or passionate intimacy after all!

To find out more about the Physical and Energetic Alignment – or PEA as I call it – of the objects, images and colors in your bedroom, and how it will lead you to a happy relationship, check out Change Your Sheets, Change Your Love Life at http://www.amazon.com.


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